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Viewing the person as a whole and bio-logically

We look at the human being as a whole and place a special focus on holistic and substantiated medical approaches. Our concept is based on the findings of biological medicine in combination with biological dentistry. This allows us to employ both current, recognised treatment methods and innovative technologies. With the often far-reaching consequences of dental stresses on the patient’s general health in mind at all times.

Discover biological dentistry


Discover biological dentistry 
that takes a holistic view on
your body and organism.

Discover the holistic power of our  services

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Discover the holistic power of our 
services – they unite body, mind
and spirit.

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Meet your team of experts and benefit from 
holistic care and comprehensive expertise
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Holistic treatment?
Leads to holistic well-being.

Find out what our patients say about us.

  • "Very nice, modern practice, the staff is very friendly, caring and courteous. After an extensive examination of the teeth, oral mucosa and jaw muscles, it was determined that I needed some treatment. The entire team was extremely friendly and took a lot of time to explain everything that was necessary to me in detail. (...) I am grateful that it turned out the way I thought it would. I was completely satisfied with Integra and can recommend it without reservation!"
  • "Dr. Lee and his team are extremely competent. As for the dental treatment, I must say that everything went perfectly for me. In addition, Dr. Lee discovered problems in my jawbone, which I had for a very long time, earlier, when I was with other dentists. (...) The treatments that were done on me are worth every penny, even though some of it was not covered by health insurance. If your health is important to you, you are in the right place."
  • "I highly recommend INTEGRA!
    Very friendly team ̶ good atmosphere ̶ everyone is in a good mood ̶ the team harmonizes very well with each other. In the waiting room you actually feel like you are sitting in a VIP lounge at the airport. You are greeted very nicely and ALWAYS with a friendly smile!"
  • "I have been undergoing treatment with Dr. Lee for several years and I am more than satisfied. The staff is very nice, in a good mood and also very accommodating. They show understanding for everything! Dr. Lee himself I find very competent and trust him completely."
  • "Dear Integra team, today the visit at your practice has shown me how, through the right ambience and the very courteous and friendly contact of all the people involved, it is possible to transform the visit to the dentist into a kind of experience that leaves only positive and pleasant feelings in me."
  • "I switched to Dr. Lee about 4 years ago and have been a satisfied patient ever since. My health has improved since then, as long-standing problems with my teeth were not recognized or adequately treated by my previous dentists, both generalists and specialists."
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The BIOHEALTH concept
for a happy you.


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  • Functional dentistry

    Functional dentistry

    Headaches, locked vertebrae, tinnitus – when the jaw throws the body out of balance. He knows the causes of many physical symptoms: Dr. Paul Lee has dedicated himself to functional dentistry.

Discover INTEGRA Energy Spa.

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happier life.

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