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Biological dentistry

We at INTEGRA practise holistic, biological dentistry with conviction. But what does “biological dentistry” actually involve?

  • Removal of interference fields, which drain energy and are detrimental to health: these include dead and root-treated teeth as well as undiagnosed infections in the jawbone, so-called NICO sites.
  • Restoration of functional dentition.
  • Removal of toxic amalgam fillings and detoxification of the body.
  • Use of metal-free materials, e.g., ceramic zirconium dioxide implants.
  • Testing of individual tolerance of materials: does a specific patient display an allergic reaction?
  • Biological dentistry avoids medicines (especially antibiotics) wherever possible, preferring alternatives such as ozone instead.
  • Valuable dietary supplements stimulate healing.

Biological dentistry benefits healthy patients but also individuals with chronic illnesses or inexplicable symptoms. The causes of complaints such as chronic pain, fatigue, migraines, muscle tension and digestion issues can often be found in the mouth.

We will be delighted to tell you more about your options in an initial consultation.

Paul Lee shows an implant

Zirconia dental implants

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Amalgam removal

Amalgam removal

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Neck pains

TMD treatment

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Removal of interference fields

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Metal-free restoration

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Biological surgery

Biological surgery

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Periodontitis treatment

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Sleep apnoea therapy

Sleep apnea treatment

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