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Biological surgery
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Modern. Gentle. Minimally invasive.

Biological surgery at INTEGRA BIOHEALTH.

At INTEGRA BIOHEALTH in Luxembourg we use modern state-of-the-art techniques to perform surgical procedures as gently and effectively as possible. We are aware that surgical procedures can often be accompanied by pain and swelling. That is why we have developed our own treatment protocol that aims to avoid pain as much as possible, optimise your wound healing and minimise possible side effects. Experience with INTEGRA BIOHEALTH targeted preparations for operations, gentle and minimally invasive methods, use of biocompatible materials and reduction of the use of medication.

Our innovative treatment protocol includes:

  • The targeted supplementation of vitamins and minerals to support the healing process.
  • The use of homeopathic remedies to alleviate discomfort and activate the body's natural self-healing powers.
  • Using your own blood plasma (PRF), which is rich in the body's own growth factors and promotes the regeneration of your tissues.
  • Biostimulation using magnetic therapy, laser and infrared light to improve circulation and metabolism in the treated area.
  • The infusion of special solutions that strengthen the immune system and help the body to heal wounds
  • The use of lymphatic drainage with ultrasound to reduce swelling and speed up the healing process
  • In the case of bone augmentation prior to implantation, we prefer to transplant autologous bone from the mouth, as this material is biologically optimally compatible.
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