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Metal-free restoration.

State-of-the-Art. Metal-free. Visionary.

At INTEGRA BIOHEALTH we take a holistic view of your health. That is why we attach great importance to metal-free restorations to avoid possible corrosion and allergies. In our practice, we primarily use all-ceramic crowns and bridges as well as ceramic inlays/onlays to ensure metal-free restorations. These materials not only offer an aesthetically pleasing solution, but are also biocompatible and gentle on your health.

Optimum compatibility.

To ensure your optimal compatibility, we test adhesives and cements for individual allergies and intolerances before they are used. To do this, we use a blood test (LTT) and kinesiological methods to rule out potential reactions in advance. At INTEGRA BIOHEALTH, your health is our focus and we strive to provide you with a metal-free restoration that meets your individual needs. This is how we ensure well-being throughout your body – before, during and after treatment.

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