• Removal of interference fields
Removal of interference fields
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Removal of interference fields –
when health problems have hidden causes.

Teeth with dead roots, residual infections in the jaw following tooth extraction, chronic jaw infections (also known as NICOs) and scars are all examples of interference fields which can cause health problems.

Biological dentistry advises against root canal treatments in particular, as they can often lead to the following problems:

  • Spreading of pathogenic bacteria
  • Development of endotoxins
  • Allergies triggered by root repair materials
  • The tooth becoming an energetic interference field

As we know the problems associated with teeth that have undergone root canal treatment, we do not perform root canal treatments in our practice. Here at INTEGRA, we establish clarity with our comprehensive interference field diagnostics, for example using the CaviTAU®. In this step, our interdisciplinary experts share their findings and are able to utilise the holistic view of the body to remove the interference field with precision – the basis for a successful treatment.

NICO stands for neuralgia-inducing cavitational osteonecrosis and refers to chronic infections in the jawbone. NICOs usually develop at sites where devital teeth have been extracted after root canal treatment or teeth have been removed as part of a surgical procedure, but the infections can also be diagnosed after wound healing disorders following on from an extraction.

Whatever the treatment performed previously, a NICO is always preceded by a wound in the bone that fails to heal properly and inhibits new bone tissue from forming. The cause can be found in the immune and nervous systems, which were not unable to complete the healing and regeneration processes for a variety of reasons such as an increased presence of proinflammatory bacteria, toxins such as metals or environmental toxins and also stress.

In many cases, a NICO remains unnoticed. However, severe, chronic pain which is often difficult to localise definitively is a typical symptom of a NICO. We here at INTEGRA, we employ the innovative, radiation-free CaviTau® procedure and digital volume tomography (DVT) for a conclusive diagnosis of this kind of interference field. This provides us with conclusive information on bone density and quality in the jaw region in a minimally invasive way

  • Gentle and yet highly effective cleaning of the wound with the aid of the ultrasound-controlled procedure piezosurgery
  • Disinfection of the wound with ozone

  • Packing of the wound with APRF membranes (organic material produced using the patient’s own blood), which promote bone regeneration in a natural and sustainable way

  • Treatment support with customised micronutrient mixture
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