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TMD treatment.

Headaches, blockages, tinnitus – when the jaw throws the body out of balance.

    An array of health issues can be traced back to problems with the jaw joint, known collectively by the term “temporomandibular disorder” (TMD).

    The symptoms come in many shapes and forms: jaw clicking and teeth grinding as well as chronic back pain, headaches and tinnitus can all be treated using functional dentistry. The key aspect here is that at INTEGRA, we don’t treat the symptoms, we get to the root of the problem. We employ targeted examinations to diagnose the problem and treat it with customised “splint therapy”.

TMD can cause a wide range of symptoms:

Headaches and face pain, tinnitus, joint noises, balance issues, problems, trigeminal neuralgia, shoulder and neck problems, intestinal issues, vertebral blockages, leg length discrepancy...

Splint therapy and an interdisciplinary approach

Accurate diagnosis is followed by what is known as “splint therapy” with an occlusal appliance. The added bonus at INTEGRA is that we work in close cooperation with physiotherapists and chiropractors with the “TMD therapy” additional qualification as well as doctors from a variety of specialties.

TMD – the cause of your pain?

TMD (temporomandibular disorder) is the medical term for jaw joint issues. In addition to “jaw cracking”, these also include teeth grinding (bruxism) as well as chronic headaches and back pain.

Precise diagnostics forthe success of your treatment

We perform a manual structural analysis of the temporomandibular joints (TMJ, jaw joints), the skull, the cervical vertebrae, muscles, nerves and ligaments.

We measure your TMJ function.

We perform a centric relation bite registration with subsequent model evaluation. This is followed by a basic chiropractic examination.

Paul Lee

Dr. Paul Lee

“Dental treatments must not have negative
consequences for the organism as a whole.”