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Zirconia dental implants
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Zirconia dental implants in Luxembourg.

Replacing a lost tooth with a naturally strong,
aesthetically pleasing and metal-free solution.

If a tooth is truly no longer capable of functioning as required and is not worth preserving, the decision is usually taken to extract it. It is also important in the case of accidents involving tooth loss to decide to replace the tooth sooner rather than later so as to avoid potential bone loss and a subsequently necessary surgical procedure for bone augmentation. Last but not least, tooth loss is also always a matter of appearance. Ceramic implants represent a modern solution for teeth which appear strong, healthy and natural-looking. We here at INTEGRA are experts in ceramic implants. Minimally invasive procedures allow us to shorten the healing process following your implant treatment considerably and simultaneously minimise the associated pain. In addition, we also employ innovative, biological treatment steps to aid and encourage wound healing.



Read an interview with INTEGRA
founder and implantologist Dr Paul Lee
on ceramic implants.

Your advantages at a glance:

High-performance ceramic implants –
for high demands on longevity

Radiantly beautiful aesthetics –
thanks to completely white implant ceramics

Excellent body compatibility –
due to 100% biocompatibility

Minimally invasive methods –
for a gentle procedure

Treatment by experienced 
Implantologists in Luxembourg


Different rules apply for the insertion and care of ceramic dental implants compared with titanium implants. As such, experience plays a key role here. As the first dental practice specialised in ceramic dental implants in Luxembourg, we are a pioneer in this field in the Greater Region. We have a wealth of comprehensive expertise at our disposal with this biologically neutral implant material thanks to our experience gathered inserting thousands upon thousands of implants.

Natural beauty, reliable stability and resilience: those are the features which distinguish implants as dental prostheses. Irrespective of whether only one tooth is replaced or the entire arch restored without any gaps using multiple implants, modern ceramic implants offer an improved quality of life above all. With the high-performance ceramic zirconium dioxide, we employ an uncompromisingly high-quality, metal-free and therefore highly biocompatible material, which remains stable for decades and satisfies the highest requirements in terms of aesthetics and preservation of health.

Like their natural inspiration, the ceramic implants are completely white. The artificial root made of high-quality ceramic ensures there are no unsightly, metallic grey margins along the gum line or shadows showing through.

Completely free from metals, ceramic implants impress with immunological neutrality and optimal compatibility. The outstanding biocompatibility also allows the gingiva around the implant to regenerate optimally.

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