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The holistic approach to
boost your health.

Our concept is based on the holistic view of body and mind – for your long-term health. Discover the power of holistic diagnostics and the expertise of our interdisciplinary team. With comprehensive expertise, we get to the bottom of the causes of symptoms such as migraines, knee or shoulder pain, chronic fatigue and digestive problems. We carefully examine potential triggers such as amalgam fillings or undetected sources of interference in the dental and jaw area in order to get to the root of the problem. Through innovative methods of holistic-biological dentistry, we achieve long-term and sustainable improvements for your well-being – for your happy you.


A range of services that meets
high quality requirements.

At INTEGRA, we always work with high-quality, nature-based materials, latest scientific findings and modern technical equipment.

Whatever brings you to us, we are there for you and your wishes with a lot of empathy and commitment.

Biological dentistry.

A new dimension of dental health and well-being – that is what we want for you. Discover the biological dentistry of INTEGRA Biohealth. Here you can expect a team of specialists who will provide you with holistic and advanced care. We understand that every patient is unique and that comprehensive care goes beyond simply treating dental problems. With our specialized expertise and use of advanced technologies, we provide personalized treatment that takes into account your individual needs, health history, and lifestyle. Start your journey to a bright smile and healthy oral cavity with us.


Your benefits at a glance:

Holistic diagnostics


Interdisciplinary cooperation

Interdisciplinary cooperation of
physicians from different specialties

Identification of causes for pain or discomfort

Identification of causes for pain or discomfort, 
instead of pure symptom treatment

Treatment with natural materials

Treatment with natural materials
(which are individually tested for compatibility)

Minimally invasive treatment methods

Gentle, minimally invasive
treatment methods

Reduced use of medications

Reduced use of medications
(instead use of nutritional supplements)

Light therapy

Complaints in the oral cavity

Finding the cause thanks to
the BIOHEALTH concept.

Odysseys from one doctor to the next, treatment after treatment and nothing seems to help? The causes of inexplicable symptoms such as chronic pain, digestions issues, fatigue, migraines, back pain, muscle aches and circulatory problems can often be found in the mouth. Many people are surprised by that – here it’s part of our day-to-day work, as we use holistic diagnostics to identify the causes of pain and complaints. These are often to be found in dead or root-treated teeth, interference fields in the jaw or amalgam fillings. Let us start your journey to a pain-free life together.



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Biological medicine.

Biological medicine integrates not only the patient’s body but also their mind and soul as well as their surroundings into the diagnostic and therapeutic measures. Biological medicine works both preventatively and therapeutically, employing conventional and naturopathic medical approaches to achieve optimal treatment results. At INTEGRA BIOHEALTH you can be sure that we always work together with competent doctors and therapists from our network – for your sustainable path to better health.

Our services

Our services for you:

  • Ozone autologous blood therapy
  • Chelation therapy
  • IHHT
  • Mitochondrial therapy (MitoEnergy infusion)
  • Pain therapy
  • Neural therapy
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Optimize your health
with the BIOHEALTH-Konzept